Companies and businesses need to be strategic and targeted about managing the fundamental pillars of their digital presence. The real challenge is getting noticed online.

It takes creativity, inventive and cool ideas, and innovation. The fundamentals are there: Be original, different, unique, personable.

The town square is now online.

When a business is in its initial growth stages, it can be difficult to direct traffic to your site. In this digitally driven world and landscape, here are CIPR Communications’ 5 tips to ensuring your web presence is making an impact.

1. Social Media: Today companies are expected to engage with customers on social media. Think of the town square – it used to be the place that people gathered to hear about new ideas, meet new people, and buy and sell goods. The town square is now online – it’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram … Think about your target audience and their habits this will help queue your own choices in picking a social platform (or platforms) to engage on.

2. Building and maintaining a strong website: If social media is the town square – your website is your home.  Your website is the one place you get to own the message entirely and showcase all the things that explain what you do best. Make sure the information is up to date, relevant to your target audience, and is easy to navigate.

3. Endorsements: This is as simple as word-of-mouth – ask people to spread the word! Give customers, clients, and contacts a nudge and ask them to follow you and your business, ask them to engage with your posts, and get them to leave a review. Ask those ambassadors of your brand to write (or record) testimonials for your website. Remind your advocates consistently to keep talking about you online.

4. Content, Content, Content: Now that you have your website and your social media set up it is time to make sure they are both filled with relevant content. A blog is a cost-effective and organic way to organize and feature your content online. Create fresh and unique articles, interesting videos, and graphics with your target audience in-mind and share them across all your channels. The more relevant your content is, the more people will share. You probably have a lot of content already – look around your business and see what you are sharing offline that could be shared online (the information for your next event, the pitch deck you share with prospects, the photos from the last Employee Appreciation Day).  

Leverage established influencers.

5. Influencers: Influencers in a respective industry have and command a lot of attention in your target market. When you put yourself on their radar, it creates the potential to tap into their massive following to improve brand awareness and increase your reach. It’s like someone important and respected in the town square walking around with you and letting people know they think you are credible. Influencers create their own content about your product or brand and share it with their large following – which can generate an increase in followers and traffic for your business. You can also invite them to do a guest blog or simply to engage with the content you’ve already posted on your social media channels.

So where do you need to start? Not sure? We can help – from social media strategy to web development and content creation to influencer outreach. Contact us to set up a conversation.



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