I’ve been to a few meetings lately where I couldn’t help but notice that eagerness can often blind strategy insight … 

Sometimes you have great ideas, eager staff and volunteers, a list of events, and multitudes of communications tools and you just want to GO! But your wheels spin, you’re stuck in the mud (a pool of plenty) and can’t get the car to go forward. You have the same planning meeting four times because the ideas keep coming but for some reason the execution is off. You have no buckets to put those ideas in, and no one assigned to the buckets. 

So what’s missing? 

The strategy!

The blueprint. A blueprint isn’t just a plan; it tells people what to do, where to go, where each tool is needed and for what, and it has a clear beginning and a clear end.

Strategy informs your tactics. Without strategy tactics are just tasks with no meaning or measure. How will you know if you’re successful if you’re just executing, and executing, and executing … Strategy triggers reflections while at the same time allowing you to keep going on the track you original planned out.

Social media needs strategy too. The tools are key but knowing when, where, and why to use them are the lock – a key is useless without a lock.

have you stepped back and asked why you or your company is using social media or are you focused on tasks? Are you pushing content with no clear end goal? Were you too eager, registered for an account and forgot to reflect and ask yourself what story you were aiming to tell? 

Strategy. It’s necessary. And it just so happens we’re good at it and we’re passion about it. 

– Christina Pilarski, Chief Strategiest 


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