Parents read stories to their kids to help teach them lessons and prepare them for growing up. We tell one another stories to pass on our own learnings. We remember our days and weeks as stories in our minds – not diarized minute by minute schedules.

Stories get attention. They feed our imagination and creativity. Stories are relatable and emotional. While each one of us has a favourite story, the essence and format of storytelling at its core remains unchanged. Stories engage us because they have a deep meaning and purpose that resonates with us.

Who doesn’t love a good story?

We’re wired to understand and remember stories. A story moves people along a journey – one with intent, excitement, mystery, and emotions. And if the journey can make people think and feel it can be unforgettable and a catalyst for action.

The best stories tap into our emotions because someone or something genuinely connects with us. These commercials are especially great examples of taping into the human experience to make a brand more relatable.

Storytelling is popular in public relations communications today. It is used to deploy brand messages in impactful and meaningful ways. Brands use influencers to tell their own stories while experiencing products and services. Brands use stories to remind people why they are a good community leader or how they are applicable in the everyday lives of their target audience. Brands use stories to humanize their teams and executives.


  1. Good storytellers always make sure they have a powerful hook.
  2. Storytellers know their audience before they even start the story.
  3. Storytellers understand what will resonate with their target audience and how to make them feel and relate.

CIPR believes in the power of storytelling. We help organizations tell meaningful stories that help their target audiences relate, remember, and engage. Want to learn more? We’d love to tell you our story – send us a note and let’s chat.


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