The story associated with this TV interview was a powerful one about a Canadian man who helps Ukrainian war victims by supplying prosthetic limbs. However, as we watched the story on CTV News Channel, we found ourselves discussing the pictures in the man’s background trying to understand what they were and we missed most of the actual story. While the pictures in the man’s background are certainly interesting and it appears they relate to his prosthetic limb venture, they took away from the interview in a very unfortunate way.

The interviewee was using Skype – so the background, the lighting, and the level of distraction were all in his hands and his hands alone. As television news networks rely more heavily on connecting with their guests through video conferencing it is becoming even more essentially to be aware of yourself and your surroundings during an interview.

What top three things should you be thinking about, aside from brushing up on your key messages, after agreeing to be interviewed via Skype?

1 – Turn on the lights

2 – Watch your background and setting

3 – Use a headset

CIPR Communications provides media training services that give you practical advice on how to effectively get your message out on on-camera (including Skype), on radio and in print.

Brush up on your skill set so your next important interview isn’t overshadowed by a #mediafail.

– Christina & Peter, CIPR Communications Partners


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