A colleague recently reminded me of the importance of treating yourself as your best client. By treating yourself as number one you ensure you are putting your best foot forward – but when it comes to communications and public relations that can be hard.

Sending that tweet, writing that news release, updating the website … all seem to be tasks that can easily be pushed to the bottom of your to do list, but can be relatively quick, painless tasks that can yield results for your business when you do actually get them done. 

So as the next quarter approaches I challenge you to put these 3 things at the top of your to do list and start treating yourself as your best client. 

1 – Update your social media images
Think of this as spring cleaning for your social media channels. It gives each platform a refreshed look and can help you reflect a seasonal change, showcase a current project, highlight a new product, or help spark engagement. Where do you start? Change up your Facebook cover image or update your company’s LinkedIn background image and have employees update their LinkedIn background images to match.

2 – Write that blog
One of the biggest excuses used for not writing that blog is that you haven’t written one in a while. Ideally you want to be updating your blog regularly, but start by creating manageable expectations for yourself. Start this quarter by committing to a blog per quarter for the rest of the year – when you have conquered that push that up to a blog every 2 months – and so on. 

3 – Make a weekly schedule
Start with 4 ideas for #MotivationMonday, then 4 for #ThrowbackThursday, then 4 for #FollowFriday … now your halfway there. Take the everyday guess work out of ‘what do I post’ and think ahead at the beginning of the month. Spend 30 minutes jotting down quick ideas on a calendar for social media for each day – now that everyday task won’t seem so daunting.

By making your communications related tasks a part of your business priorities this quarter you are reminding your customers, employees, and stakeholders about your business and giving them a reason to engage with you – in today’s world of public relations this is as important as giving them a call. 

Happy Q2! 
Christina Pilarski, CIPR Chief Strategiest


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