Who doesn’t love a good list? Whether it’s the top 10 episodes of The Office, debating the best burger toppings or top things to do you in your respective city, we have an insatiable appetite to create lists and rankings.

Perhaps it’s an easier route to write things down 1-10. Many people, and myself get curious satisfaction from mentally compiling and completing an arbitrary list. It strikes a chord, and ticks a box.

In today’s day of information overload, the list is important because it’s easily digestible. Lists get clicks because of their scannability, the reader is aware that a list will take them significantly less time to get through than a wordy article, and it is easily referenced if you need to come back to it!

So, let’s get down to business and create a list of reasons why we love lists. Listception??


  1. The human brain may structure information in list format: Think about it: When we write down things to get for groceries, it’s in a list. Christmas presents for friends and family? In a list. Best coffee spots in your neighbourhood? Yep, also in a list.
  2. Lists take advantage of limited attention spans: They’re short, to the point, easy to read, punctual, and stick out in our mind.
  3. People like to group random things together in a list: A list of best things to do in your city for a long weekend can have so many random adventure ideas that you’ll find yourself wanting to do all the things!
  4. Popular things to list: Best burger joints in the city, best hikes to do, best things to do on a long weekend, best places to visit. The possibilities are ENDLESS!
  5. It’s fun and creates conversations: Create a divisive list on Twitter or Facebook, and watch your mentions and notifications skyrocket.
  6. It’s how humans read: We like to see things organized in such a way – left -> right -> top -> bottom. That’s what lists are.
  7. Lists can keep people organized and focused: When someone sets out to write a list, they are focused, organized, and determined.
  8. Writing down tasks and crossing them off a list is as satisfying as coffee: Making a list of things to do in your work day and you’ve crossed off three before lunch? Feels incredible, don’t it? Check off all those tasks before the end of the day? What a rush!
  9. Lists give us a feeling of familiarity: We’ve grown in up in an age where we see lists, and then it sticks with us and is comforting.
  10. Lists provide knowledge and information for us to learn: They give us the opportunity to learn more information, and discover things we may not have previously known.



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