National Tourism Week is a grassroots initiative that focuses on the economic opportunities available to Canada through tourism and the public policy challenges preventing tourism from flourishing on an even larger scale.

The national goal of Tourism Week in Canada is to align tourism organizations, businesses and other partners from across the country to recognize the tourism sector for its contribution to the Canadian economy.

So – how does your tourism-based business ensure you are sharing some love during this national awareness week?

At CIPR Communications we pride ourselves in being marketing and communications experts in the tourism sector. Our staff have been key members of destination organizations and tourism-operations at a government level, we have clients that span the spectrum of the tourism sector, and we understand the importance of leveraging trending topics. We’ve pulled together these simple ideas to help ensure your business stands out this week:

Email Marketing

Use your lists and remind potential travelers about your destination. Focus your campaign on the local impact tourism has on the community. Highlight key businesses with emotional local stories if you are a DMO. Showcase the beauty of the destination you operate in through photos if you are an experience. Talk about the locals that work for you if you are a hotelier. Storytelling creates connections with your readers. Ensure your subject line evokes an emotion to ensure that your open rates soar.

Social Media Campaign

You might often just think about the content on your social media channel as rolling … posting relevant information, photos, events that are timely but may not follow an overarching theme. This week, launch your first focused social media campaign and be proactive about your content. Tie the campaign to Tourism Week and leverage these hashtags – #tourismworks, tourismmatters & #tourismweek as well as your local tourism related hashtags. Gather stories form your organization that speak to the personal impact of tourism on your employees. Create short videos and snap photos that let the personality of your people and your business shine. Couple every post with a call to action. Boost posts by putting a small budget towards your campaign this week. And, remember, each of these stories can live as blogs on your website and through pinned content.


Your travel-related business relies on a healthy list of prospects. In tourism, your leads are travelers, and your reputation as a destination is paramount. Decide which social platform you want to grow most (yes – focus on one) and launch a week-long contest. We recommend entrants are required to provide an email address or sign up for your newsletter, follow you on social, and tag a friend. That way you optimize the information they’re providing so you can engage with them in the future. Make the prize experience-based in your organization – which might mean partnering up with another local business to sweeten the offer. Ensure you keep in touch with the contest winner so you can document and share the story of their own experience in your destination.

How is CIPR celebrating Tourism Week?

We are embracing our love of travel as team! Joleen and Brad had an opportunity to spend time in Victoria to kick off Tourism Week. Showcasing their fun, sharing our expertise in the sector, and making each of those things personal is exactly how we are ensuring we are telling a Canadian tourism story this week.

CIPR is a great example of an unexpected business that benefits from a thriving tourism sector in Canada. Our specialization in tourism and experience related lead generation and reputation management means our tourism connection is more than just travel.

Reach out and book a meeting with us if you want to chat more about how to best tell your story through marketing and communications this week – and beyond.


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