Creating a website is a project that requires planning, long-term thinking and technical knowledge to ensure that your website meets your company’s needs now and well into the future.

No one knows your company or brand better than you do, so approaching your relationship with an agency as a partnership is essential. You are the subject matter expert of your business and the website design agency will be your strategic marketing advisor, design master, and website development expert.  

Each web design is unique. Your first step should be ensuring the agency you work with knows the ins and outs of our industry, and that the agency has a willingness to understand your brand’s personality. Both will allow them to create a website that’s compliant, stands out, and is uniquely you!  

Your website design will have to be a balance between hard aspects that are technical and regulatory in nature, and soft ones that apply to content and engagement.  


  1. It is important to work together with your website design agency to figure out what kinds of content you envision sharing. Providing your chosen agency with the wording, language and tone you want to be using as well as sharing any brand guidelines you may have will help bring consistency to your website. Your agency may also suggest ensuring that your content is being search engine optimized, to make sure your company can be in the top spot when your audience searches online. 
  2.  Creating strong calls to action on your website will not only engage with your current audience but will also increase your reach as you attract more of your intended audience to your website. Adding interactive pieces like forms for your audience to fill out is one of the best ways that you can capture information and generate leads. This ability needs to be a technical component built into your site.

Alongside the technical qualities of your new web design, there are some aspects to consider that will help your intended audience not only engage with your brand, but also bring them back time and time again. 


  1. Think about the goal of your company. Is your intent to educate? Or maybe to connect those within your industry? Now is the time to make those ideas clear and centre your website content around these ideas. The first step a website design agency should take you through is a information architecture and sitemap exercise; this will help you plan your content to maximize impact and organization. 
  2. Ensuring that your website is going to be userfriendly is going to prove to be very important in your web development. Navigation and clarity play a significant role when your audience is clicking through your webpage in search of information. An organized sitemap is the first step, but your agency should understand how to appropriately crosslink and lead the audience on a journey as they are looking at your site.   
  3. Don’t’ rush it! Understand that good things take time. Developing your website is going to be a back and forth process of approvals. Make sure you are open-minded, and that your schedule is open too. Be prepared to spend 8-12 weeks on developing your website – that way you know you are launching with your best foot forward. 

CIPR Communications can partner with you to build your website! 

There are lots of aspects to consider! Lucky for you we love helping companies and brand plan a strong online presence. Get in touch with us – let’s roll out your website and introduce your online target market to your brand together.  


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