Honesty is the best policy ….


It is the golden rule you learned growing up – and when it comes to the agency that is going to be implementing your SEO, the policy is no different! Honesty means that your agency has your best interest in mind, even when things are not going exactly according to plan. They are dedicated to building strong, lasting relationships and passionate about getting you results that will matter to your bottom line.


When choosing your SEO agency, it is important to do your research to ensure that they are practicing what they preach and to reflect on all your initial conversations with them. Are they realistic, or are they making big promises right away? Pay attention to these three things – if the agency is doing these things you’ve found a good match:


1. They Set Realistic Expectations

Although jumping to number one on Google may be the ultimate goal – it might not be realistic when you are just starting out (especially if your company isn’t even showing up on page 1). The initial research and strategic planning are a back and forth process, you should be prepared for it to take some time and your agency should be too. If they are promising something that sounds too good to be true – it probably is.


2. They Collaborate

Your SEO agency should see their relationship with their clients as a collaboration, not a transaction. No one knows your business or brand better than you do, so they should work in a collaborative way. Transparency is a quality that you should always be on the lookout for when deciding on an agency. They should not demand full ownership of the project, keep lines of communication open and be open about what worked and what didn’t.


Content is a major component of a great SEO strategy. Your agency should not be developing or writing this content in a vacuum. Are they interviewing you? Are they getting your opinions about your buyers and target audience? Are they intimately aware of all the information that already exists on your site? Are they working with you to not only build new content but make that content better? If you’re answering no, consider pushing your SEO agency to be more collaborative.


Do they give you a report? Do they call? An SEO agency that is looking to move the needle and give you great results should be in contact with you. You should never be receiving a bill and not understanding what you are paying for. A reputable agency will coordinate monthly or quarterly meetings with you to review achievements and make suggestions.


3. They Keep Updated

Take a quick look at your SEO agency’s website. Does it look professional and polished? A tell-tale sign that you are on the right track with your choice of agency is that they will make it a priority to keep their information and website up to date. They will ensure that their case studies are accurate and recent. Why is this important? It shows that they are also staying up to date in the ever-changing digital marketing world. Ask them about their own SEO strategy. What are they doing to maintain great search results in a competitive space?


When going through the process of finding your perfect SEO agency fit, do not be afraid to ask questions! Ask about their knowledge, their projects, their wins and losses.

Speaking of asking questions, if you would like to learn more about what CIPR has to offer, we encourage you to set up a meeting with Peter to learn more about our SEO packages!


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