CIPR Communications believes that great lead generation can start as simply as activating your presence on LinkedIn. Our four-week program includes four one-hour sessions taught by a LinkedIn expert from our team and hands-on assignments to ensure that your LinkedIn presence is tuned-up and generating more qualified leads within 30-days. Your $450 investment unlocks 4-weeks of expert coaching scheduled webinars, hands-on assignments, and copies of all materials.dedicated to building strong, lasting relationships and passionate about getting you results that will matter to your bottom line.

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Why register?

Kiss cold-calling goodbye. LinkedIn is one of the most important tools you can use in social media every day. It’s time to hang up the telephone, give your cold-call script a rest, and boost your social clout. Social Selling is a proven method of selling.

CIPR Communications LinkedIn certificate given upon completion.

  • 93% of B2B buyers being the buying journey online


What to Expect

During the four week course, your sales strategy will undeniably experience a 180 degree turn. Together, we will ensure you understand the latest opportunities LinkedIn has to offer. Sales professionals will benefit from learning how to:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile to ensure maximum visibility and credibility with buyers
  • Develop a road map of your ideal demographics’ buyer persona
  • Learn to publish, share, and syndicate valuable content
  • How to conduct searcher to find people and connect
  • Deep dive into powerful areas of LinkedIn you haven’t yet tapped in to
  • Develop powerful, internal assets to drive internal leads and amplify lead conversion



Our Social Selling for LinkedIn Course shows sales professional how to take the plunge into digital lead generation and drive revenue. Our course features:

  • Individually tailored course content based on your goals and learning objectives
  • Recordings taped so you can always refer back
  • Assignments for reference and to reinforce learnings
  • Expert-lead coaching conducted weekly to guide you through the process
  • Reinforce adoption through a group approach and sharing assignments

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Week 1

January 8, 10AM MST

Topic: Developing a LinkedIn Profile, defining buyer personas, writing your headline

Assignment: Keyword Brainstorm Worksheet, LinkedIn Prospecting, Personas


Week 2

January 15, 10AM MST

Topic: How to conduct searches to find people and connect, How to use Groups

Assignment: Building quality networks, Joining Groups, Building relationships, LinkedIn Connections


Week 3

January 22, 10AM MST

Topic: Publishing and sharing of content

Assignment: Content you write and Share, Third Party content, Advanced Curation techniques


Week 4

January 29, 10AM MST

Topics: Triggers on LinkedIn (how to use events that happen to your prospecting advantage)

Assignments: Trigger event selling


Ready to get started?

Don’t miss this January class – jump start your lead generation for 2020!Classes are capped at 10 participants. Register for the January 4-week course online now.

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