CIPR Communications believes that great lead generation can start as simply as activating your presence on LinkedIn. Our four-week program includes four one-hour sessions taught by a LinkedIn expert from our team and hands-on assignments to ensure that your LinkedIn presence is tuned-up and generating more qualified leads within 30-days. Your $450 investment unlocks 4-weeks […]

Honesty is the best policy ….   It is the golden rule you learned growing up – and when it comes to the agency that is going to be implementing your SEO, the policy is no different! Honesty means that your agency has your best interest in mind, even when things are not going exactly […]

Conversion rate optimization is important because it allows you to lower customer acquisition costs by getting more value from the visitors you already have. By optimizing your conversion rate you can increase revenue per visitor, acquire more customers, and grow your business.   Here are ten more reasons why conversion rate optimization is important for […]

Learn the benefits of hiring the right advertising agency. Contact CIPR Communications for brand design, communications, advertising, and more.    What An Advertising Agency Can Do for You    BRANDING When working with an advertising agency it all starts with creating a strong brand that is memorable and speaks to your target audience. You want […]