Published: Christina of CIPR on How to Become an Online Influencer in Fernie

Four Ways to Become and Online Influencer

Originally Published in Fernie Fix | June 2018 Issue

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Is becoming an online star on your bucket list? Top influencers make as much as $300,000 per video. Instagram users with 100,000 followers can receive up to $5,000 per post that is made in partnership with a company or a brand.

Influencers are usually regular people that have connected on a deeper level with important marketing target audiences. Social media influencers have access to a large audience and have the power to affect the purchases of their followers.

Who is an example? For me – Jillian Harris – I didn’t follow her as the Bachlorette, but I do enjoy Love it or List it Vancouver. Jillian has a popular Instagram channel that she uploads to daily from her home in Kelowna. I have purchased products she has recommended through her Instagram Stories. Her boy was born a few months before my boys and her recommendations on products have influenced me.

So how do you become an influencer? To be honest it is a lot like building your business online. Set goals, decide on your target audience, and be consistent.

1 – Find Your Thing

The biggest influencers are genuine and authentic. If you love hiking start, there – even if you are a beginner but you are passionate about it the story will resonate. If you hate hiking you will have trouble – unless of course you plan to build an account, all about your hate of hiking (hmm …).  

Whatever you are passionate about focus on that. And stay focused.

2 – Stick to a Plan

Focus on your goals. Set targets for posts you want to share each week for an entire quarter. Research the platforms that are popular for the demographic you want to reach. Create a library of content from a list of focuses, themes, and stories you want to share.

Set a budget. Promoting posts is necessary – it ensures people see your content and will build a following. Soon your organic reach will outperform your paid – but you will need the initial boost to get to where you need to be to be considered an influencer.

3 - Pick a Channel

Generating enough content to fill one social media channel is not easy. If you are trying to build a follow you need to be consistent and post multiple times per day. Start with one account that is popular with your target demographic. Once you are comfortable and have curated a library of content connect on other platforms. Remember, do not post the same things on every account – give your followers a reason to follow you on each.

If you are a photographer your Twitter account could be your stream of planning and editing; your Instagram account a feed of finished prints; LinkedIn could be focused on using professional photography in business (from art on a wall to images in marketing material).

4 – Stick with It

It’s not easy. And it isn’t quick. Be consistent, engage with everyone, and look at your analytics so you understand the content that is most popular. 

Becoming an influencer can be advantageous for you personally – but it can also help to grow your business. Think about my example of the photographer; there are endless applications like relators, small business owners, or non-profit executives. If you are comfortable putting yourself out there on social media, you can leverage your following to build the following of your business, create brand awareness, and increase your own sales.

Who are the influencers you follow? I would to follow them too - engage with me directly by using @CIPRComs and by using the hashtags #PRPower and #FernieSuccess.