Do you have a written communications strategy for your business? If you have a general idea about your approach that you are sort of executing, does anybody else in your organization know about it? Do you get your staff’s input and buy-in when trying new communications and marketing initiatives?  When speaking to business owners, I […]

A colleague recently reminded me of the importance of treating yourself as your best client. By treating yourself as number one you ensure you are putting your best foot forward – but when it comes to communications and public relations that can be hard. Sending that tweet, writing that news release, updating the website … […]

Do you think expensive multicolour paper ads delivered to every house in a geographical area are effective? They must have some real or perceived ROI or they wouldn’t be used, right? Or maybe they are still used because the people who decide to use them are old school and afraid to try new things? Who […]

Whether its anti-oil advocates hanging from rafters and oil tankers, or this attempt by Ecology Ottawa it seems like the “anti-crowd” is continuously pushing the envelope on acceptable public relations campaign tactics. These anti-Energy East stickers seemed to start making the rounds late last year, but was recently brought to our attention by a family […]

There is something to be said about a manager who is able to empower their employees. Empower them to do what they were hired to do. The best managers know how to delegate and how to instill confidence in the people around them. A successful manager allows people to grow, make suggestions, and voice opinions. […]