At CIPR Communications we work with a wide variety of clients.

Each client is unique in what they have to offer their communities, industries and employees. We are lucky to be able to provide each client with a fulsome approach to all aspects of their communications. 


Client Testimonials


Valley View Contracting

"As a busy business owner, its great to have CIPR Communications on our team. We appreciate their strategic approach to our social media management and monitoring and we like that we can trust them to get the job done with great results. I would recommend CIPR Communications to any small/medium business."

- Marsha Churchill, Owner



Calibre Environmental: EcoCoat Paint

“Calibre Environmental Ltd hired CIPR Communications to handle the public relations and digital communications program for our product, EcoCoat Paint. Using a PR firm means we get experienced professionals for less than the cost of a full time person and we know the job will get done without the need to manage or worry. I would recommend CIPR to any business looking to professionalize their communications function without breaking the bank."

Shayne Butcher, President



Fernie Chamber of Commerce

"CIPR Communications facilitated a communications planning session with the Fernie Chamber of Commerce Board and they wrote our first communications strategy, which we have been executing since. They also facilitated a couple of training sessions for our members, which were very well received. Peter and Christina were easy to work with, brought a wealth of knowledge to our sessions, and delivered a high quality service for a fair price. I would recommend them to anyone looking to add a strategic approach to their communications activities."

- Patty Vadnais, Executive Director



Bowness Mainstreet BIA

“Peter and Christina have a very informative social media course designed to fit any audience.  Sometimes small business owners really struggle to figure out what platform would work best for them.  Peter and Christina break it down so it’s easy to understand the tips and tricks of social media so it benefits your business the most.  We will be offering several more courses to our small business community this year with them as it was such a success last year." 

- Jacqui Esler, Executive Director



Snow Valley Spa and Leisure

“CIPR Communications handles our Facebook strategy and tactics allowing us to focus on other parts of our business. Their approach is collaborative and this allows us to learn as we go, but removes the pressure of having to worry about this on a daily basis. In many ways, working with CIPR is like having another member on our team.”

- Dave Bergeron, Owner



Business on Camera: We Maple Project

CIPR Communications really knows how to get your vision on paper - and get it out of your brain!  Peter and Christina Pillarski from CIPR are expert facilitators, brilliant listeners, and their framework for structured documentation and clear communication has been of huge value to WeMaple and Business on Camera."

- Matt Keay, Executive Producer