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CIPR was hired by Medalta in early 2017, and by creating a ‘Marketing Toolbox’ to organize their content, were able to help Medalta better articulate their programming and content to the public and work with their Executive Director and Communications and Marketing Lead.
Previously, much of Medalta’s programming failed to be properly advertised because there was so much to keep track of. Their marketing goal was to increase their reach and engagement with public, as well as create more organization and structure in their digital communications.
As a National Historic Site in the tourism sector, local community hub, and entertainment venue, Medalta aims to enrich the local Medicine Hat community through four integral pillars: heritage, learning, community, and creativity. Their goal is to continue to enhance the programs they offer while also remaining a viable organization for future generations.
While Medalta has always had a bevy of content to push and share, the organization of the content was an ongoing problem, often leading to scrambling to post on social media in a fun, engaging, and connected way. A disconnect between their marketing efforts and staff was noted. As an example, their International Artist in Residence Program may be forgotten about while they push something like children’s fieldtrips.


We created a year-long action plan for Medalta to follow so they could address all of their programs evenly in a consistent fashion. Accompanying the action plan were internal communications, which helped keep their staff of 14 permanent staff, 23 part-time/summer staff, and 12 board members educated on social media plans. We went to Medicine Hat – building a great strategy means understanding how that strategy will be able to be executed and integrated into the daily life of an organization.
CIPR and Medalta worked in unison to ensure strategy could seamlessly be executed and integrated into regular communications operations. After the completion of strategy and toolbox, CIPR worked closely with Medalta’s communications and marketing lead for four months.
After the session, tour, and thorough audit of communications and marketing to date, CIPR built a social media strategy and action plan that complemented their internal business goals and communications priorities.
The relationship includes helping the staff member create a reporting dashboard and tracking stats to ensure the strategy was getting results. CIPR met weekly to review questions.


Having monthly themes makes it easy for Medalta to keep content fresh and helps on deciding on new blogs/videos/content to use. We consistently connected with the Medalta team to answer any questions they had through the process, we monitored their posts to ensure they were seeing the results they were looking for, and spent time one-on-one training to create strong content.
Medalta went from two communications and marketing staff to a part time staff and with CIPR’s strategy, the online presence still grew. The strategy made for a more efficient and results driven online program. We also worked via conference call and video conference as the strategy was being executed.
CIPR also assembled a Marketing Toolkit that gave Medalta the templates and tools they would need to successfully stay on brand and execute any tactic from their communications strategy. The toolkit included everything from news release templates to social media content calendars, and social media management checklists.


We supplied training to create engaging content that has seen their engagement numbers increase from 1.1 per cent in 2016 to 1.75 per cent in 2017! Medalta noted significant jumps in numbers across all platforms. For instance, Facebook page reach for December 2016 was 83, 543, and their December 2017 page reach was 200, 085!


CIPR has helped fill in the blanks for Medalta. Collecting data for Medalta from social media has been beneficial and simple for them through the spreadsheets supplied.
This makes it easier for Medalta to see what they are doing on a month-to-month basis. Metrics used within the spreadsheet were some they wouldn’t have thought to use, such as tallying their promoted post-spending.
Medalta strongly believes the content being created is better than previous, and they are more excited to create something like a vlog than they were before CIPR’s implementation because we helped to make it a more fun and meaningful process.
It’s easier to keep staff in the loop and engaging on social media because they look forward to consistent internal newsletters outlining plans for everyone.
CIPR still works with Medalta, most recently on a membership and donor strategy and communications action plan. We were also instrumental in helping with the Artist Lodging Campaign.
Verbal affirmation from visitors is a great indicator of success to Medalta. They used to hear people say they didn’t know about something until it was already over, and they haven’t heard that in quite some time. Positive reviews have been left on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and paid visitor numbers have increased from last year.


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